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Answers To Common Questions
What type of vehicle can we repair?
-We have the capability to repair any automobile made of sheet metal from domestics to exotics. Some vehicles are made of fiber glass of which we cannot repair.
Will using paintless dent repair negatively affect my paint job?
- No. With a highly trained team of PDR experts, over 8 yrs experience & quality crafted tools we have successfully  repaired thousands of vehicles from domestics to exotics.  Damage is gently and skillfully massaged out from the metals underside without disturbing your factory or custom finish.
How big of a dent can we repair?
- We can repair dents as small as a dime to as large as a beach volley ball. We take pride in having the capability to repair significant damage with great results. If the damage can be sufficiently accessed and the paint has been kept intact we can repair it. *We do not repair collision damage*
Does the paint need to be intact?
-Yes. If paint is severely cracked or removed it can inhibit a proper repair. If there is a slight crack we may still be able to help you with the aid of touch-up (at customers expense). To determine if we can help you fill in the form on the contact us page or call and we would be glad to help you.
Can we make repairs anywhere?
- Yes. We are completely mobile and can meet you at your home or office to make repairs. Sometimes hail damage may need to repaired in our shop for optimal results depending on its severity.
Do we repair dents in bumpers?
-Dents in bumpers can be repaired. If feasible, repainting can be scheduled at an affordable rate. Technicians are trained to advise you of the best repair option.
Do we repair scratches, detail or repair interiors?
-We personally do not but we can refer you to one of our affiliates who can help you. Visit
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